How to Become an Excellent Go Kart Driver

Being a good driver is one thing, but as everyone eventually finds out, good driving skills do not directly translate into go kart racing skills in Detroit. The two experiences are very different, so any experience and skills developed for driving a normal vehicle, may not necessarily help an individual to be able to better race go karts in Detroit.  Below are some excellent tips of how to master indoor go karts in Detroit and ensure victory in their next race.

Optimize Seating Position

No one would ever jump into another person’s vehicle and just drive away without adjusting anything first, which is why no one should ever do that when getting into a go kart either. With such a height variance between the minimum age allowed to drive go karts and full-grown adults in their thirties and forties, the seats of go karts need to be able to be adjusted.

This process usually involves pulling on a lever that is located underneath the front of the seat, much like the location of the lever in an older vehicle. The driver should be looking for a position that allows them to not feel cramped, while also providing them with the proximity to be able to fully reach both the gas and brake pedals.

Don’t Lean

It is hard not to be invested in the go kart racing when behind the wheel of one of the go karts. During the exhilarating feel of a race, some drivers can get so into it that they end up leaning whenever they drive around the corner. Leaning towards the inside of the turn just feels natural to many people, which is why they do it. However, this is the exact opposite of what someone should be doing when they drive around a corner.

Instead of leaning into the corner, they should keep their body completely centered to ensure even weight distribution. Whenever they lean, they inevitably distribute more weights to whichever side they are leaning on. This makes handling around corners much harder, which is not what a go kart racer wants to experience. Therefore, they should strive to keep their weight as evenly distributed and centered in the go kart as much as possible, so that each of the wheels will be experiencing equal pressure at all times.

Maintain a Controlled and Persistent Speed

In order to win a race, drivers obviously need to be able to maintain a fast speed throughout the entirety of the track. However, this is often easier said than done, with many drivers struggling to maintain a steady speed when dealing with numerous corners and other drivers. Any of the great race car drivers have the ability to master cornering so that their speed is only slightly modified when traveling around corners. The way that they are able to do this is through the use of optimal braking, understeering, and oversteering.

The trick when it comes to going around the corner is not slowing down too much because this makes a vehicle lose its momentum, which then needs to waste time building back up after the corner is done. Instead, drivers should practice engaging the brakes a couple of seconds before they start the turn.

When it comes to going around corners, a good rule of thumb is that the slower a driver goes into a corner, the faster they will exit out of the corner. However, they need to ensure that they are only slowing down enough to allow them to maintain control over their vehicle. Any excessive braking will just cause the vehicle to lose its valuable momentum and make it harder for the driver to come out on top.

Keep Things Light

It should be obvious that the heavier that a go kart is, the slower that it will be able to travel. The same thing applies to ordinary vehicles, which is why professional race cars are only equipped with the necessary equipment and nothing more. By being as lightweight as possible, it gives drivers a slight advantage over their competitors, which is often enough to make the difference between second and first place in a race.

What this means is that the racers who plan to do some go karting, should arrived wearing comfortable and lightweight clothing. By not wearing really heavy layers or really heavy shoes, drivers can make their ride as light as possible and give their go kart a slight edge over the rest of the racers.

Do Not Simultaneously Use Both Pedals

In an attempt to reduce or completely eliminate reaction time, there are some go kart drivers who attempt to keep one foot on each of the pedals at all times. What this does is create a scenario where the driver can easily activate both the gas and brake pedal at the same time.

However, doing so is almost guaranteed to cause some sort of issue with the go kart, whether that is experiencing the go kart spinning out or stop working completely. That is why it is best for the racer to just stick with using one foot on the pedals at any given time. This eliminates the chance of accidental throttle and braking inputs occurring at the same time and causing issues with the go kart.

Use Small and Smooth Motions

Since go karting is such a high intensity event, many people tend to think that it requires exaggerated and frequent movement while behind the wheel. However, controlling go karts it incredibly easy and is better done using small and smooth motions rather than large and unpredictable movement.

For example, traveling around the corner should be done using dozens of small steering correction movements, rather than waiting at the last second to dramatically turn the wheel one way to travel around the corner. The same applies to any other driving maneuvers that are done on the track. The smoother that a procedure is, the less momentum that is going to be lost during it, meaning that the go kart can more easily maintain high speeds when needed.