Go Kart Racing in Metro Detroit for Team-Building & Company Events

Most businesses or organizations like to host fun activities as a way of building a rapport between team members and creating a family-like working atmosphere. Sometimes a little friendly competition between coworkers can make the teams more efficient. Plus, being able to blow off a little bit of steam can make an employee a better worker whether they are in sales, IT systems, or human resources. When looking for meeting space or corporate events, Sterling Heights businesses won’t find a better way to blow off steam and promote competition like a day at the indoor go-kart track.

Most companies may not even consider go karting when they are looking for company events in the Detroit area. Yet, a day whizzing around the track at 35 mph in a race with the rest of their team members, may be just the thing employees need. Those other corporate exercises and HR meetings cannot compare to the adrenaline-pumping action of indoor go-kart racing. Employees can cheer on their fellow team members and celebrate the wins.

Here are five reasons that indoor go-kart racing makes for ideal company events in Sterling Heights.

#1 It’s Different

No matter how many years a company has been doing their company events, they can probably say that they have never brought the entire team out to the indoor go-karting track. This is a completely different way to approach the exercise. The course is indoors which will keep people from standing out in the hot sun and getting sunburned, and it offers a one-of-a-kind experience that each of the teams is sure to remember for years.

#2 It’s Engaging

The goal of every corporate event is to be engaging. Sometimes it can be difficult to keep employees engaged and participating, but with indoor go-karting, there is no chance of the team members being bored! This is especially true when each person gets the chance to beat their supervisor’s time! The stories around the water cooler will consist of who beat who for days after the event.

#3 It Builds Rapport

The casual indoor go karting atmosphere combined with the competitive edge of time spent on the track tends to break down the walls between colleagues and build the rapport that is the entire purpose of the team building exercise. Any business that has tried it before would recommend indoor go-karting because it offers a lot of fun and versatility. Races can be set up between supervisors and employees, department vs department, and even company vs client. Whatever combination will get people laughing and having fun is the winning combination.

#4 It Creates a Common Goal

Oftentimes, in the corporate world, it can be difficult to get different departments to agree on a common goal. However, when using go karting as a way to get departments to work together, the common goal becomes quite clear. Team members will naturally work together while in such a fun environment, and it leads to quite a successful company event. Sterling Heights businesses can up the ante on the cooperation of their employees with a simple day spent on the track.

#5 It’s Guaranteed Fun

A planned go-karting corporate event isn’t dependent on the weather, no matter what happens with the Michigan weather, the day at the indoor go karting track is guaranteed. While it is true that the karts can reach speeds up to 35 mph, they are very safe. All the employees will be securely buckled into the kart which is designed for the utmost in safety.

The main purpose of a team-building event will be achieved with a day at the indoor go-karting tracks in Sterling Heights. The employees will build a sense of unity while they enjoy each other’s company and have a ton of fun. The best part about a day spent at a go kart track? There is no need for a long and boring presentation! Companies can opt for keeping it light and fun with team-building action, or they can work in some meetings or conferences throughout the activities with meeting spaces and catering options.

What Else Can a Go Kart Track Offer Corporate Events?

While the indoor go-karting competitions will definitely be the star of any corporate events, businesses will be happy to know that some tracks offer so much more than just racing for these types of events. In addition to the track and the go-karts, companies should look for the following additions:

  • Ample space that can be used for a meeting, conference, or simply entertainment
  • Roomy lobby space for gathering or directing
  • Plenty of parking spaces
  • Extensive meeting room space that can seat people in a banquet style
  • A cafe with food and drink options for refreshment between meetings or races

Other perks to choosing to have an event at certain go-kart tracks in the Detroit area include full-service audiovisual equipment, teleconferencing capabilities, room to display a large item or vehicle, a full bar, and a full catering menu. Catering menus often feature a full range of items to fit most event themes. Whether businesses require a full sit-down menu entree options like sliced beef tenderloin and chicken piccata, or they desire something simple like a pizza buffet, the track can cater the event.

If corporate events want entertainment options besides just racing on the track, there is still even more to offer. One of the fastest growing past times is available on site: Axe Throwing! Sterling Heights residents have come to love this activity in recent years, and it can be added to any corporate event package.

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