All About Axe Throwing

People are exceptionally good at coming up with new and fun things to do. Always innovating, throughout history humans have always practiced unique and oftentimes outlandish activities. From storing garlic in socks to protect against evil spirits to throwing salt over shoulders, there’s no end to the different actions people come up with for a myriad of reasons. However, in the midst of all these fascinating activities, the most wonderful among them are often done in the pursuit of entertainment and of which the unique hobby and pastime of throwing axes is no exception.

Used throughout history as a common tool and weapon, axes have been discovered in all manner of shapes and sizes and used for a wide range of purposes. From facilitating woodcutting, to use on the battlefield, the history of the axe extends back to the earliest humans. Fairly simple to make, axes are thought to be one of the first tools created by man. Commonly used during the stone age, axes were cheap and easily made with blades fastened from stone.

Although throwing axes only began approximately 400-500 AD, they represented some of the earliest weapons and were widely used by the middle ages. Despite some debate over the true origin and purpose for the creation of throwing axes, many historians believe that throwing axes were initially created for use in hunting. Because many animals are quick to startle and difficult to approach, throwing axes would have made hunting some types of game significantly more efficient. The popularity of the throwing axe throughout Medieval Europe, eventually being made from iron rather than stone. Widely used by soldiers, knights and even average blacksmiths, axes remained popular for many centuries.

In North America, Native Americans also had been using throwing axes for hunting and general use. Known as a tomahawk, these tools were considered very handy and were fashioned similarly to those made during the stone age. Thus, throwing axes has long been an activity people have engaged in, the only difference is that today it’s done for fun rather than food.

Axe Throwing Today

Although the sport has seen waves in its popularity, today many individuals are seeking unique and fun activities to try, especially when it comes to group and company events in Sterling Heights. With the increasing number of activity and adventure hobbyists, the rising demand for more specialized activities has taken off, creating new and unique businesses. Now a popular activity for company events in Sterling Heights, bachelor party ideas, and generally fun things to do in the Sterling Heights area, throwing axes is seeing a resurgence in popularity, with throwing arenas appearing all across the country.

Widely considered a form of urban sport, in the past few years throwing has gained a steady and impressive following. Though there have been similar competitions regularly held amongst Celtic tribes, with the trend in lumberjack sporting events growing, today many companies host competitions for corporate events in cities such as Sterling Heights.

Now entering the mainstream realm, throwing has become a fun urban activity for adult groups of friends, work colleagues and even date nights. An exciting and unique activity, it’s no surprise that thrill seekers and those who enjoy something different are drawn to recreational throwing and organized competitions. In fact, today there is even an official global league, representing the world’s largest professional association of enthusiasts. The governing body for the sport, the WATL organizes all major tournaments, including the World Championship on ESPN World Axe Throwing League.


Now considered a form of sporting activity, throwing has undergone a lot of changes since its conception. However, aside from the development of formal rules and regulations, perhaps the most significant change to the practice has been the materials and properties of the equipment used.

Initially very crude in shape and materials used, in the 3rd century AD, the Franks developed the francisca. An early version of the modern throwing axe, the francisca had an arch-shaped head that curved in a S-shape. Today, most throwing axes come in similar shapes and sizes. Although variations in materials used and design do exist, even the average recreational throwing axe is a big improvement over original designs.

A unique experience that is well suited to a range of events when it comes to planning an adult event, throwing axes are always a popular, exciting and challenging.  Throwing can be a great ice breaking excursion for new work colleagues, or a fun way to celebrate a friend’s birthday, bachelor party, or even to let off some steam after a stressful week at work. As throwing continues to gain in popularity, this new trend in entertainment is poised to give escape rooms and laser tag a run for their money. Ideal for one person or several, throwing arenas are an impressive novelty and perfect for individuals who love competition.

Now boasting over 100 member companies in 16 different countries, this latest professional sport is taking the athletics world by storm. Having now established a National Federation, throwing is well on its way to gaining recognition as a professional and competitive sport around the world. Now working to standardize rules for the game, in the years to come it’s likely there will be great advances in the game and its effect on the sporting world.

Anyone interested in this new and emerging sport should thus consider booking a throwing arena for company events. Also, a great option for individuals looking for bachelor party ideas in Sterling Heights, axe throwing is highly engaging and ideal for loosening up people in groups and transforming entertainment. Equally entertaining for novice throwers and more experienced throwers, the growing popularity of axe throwing arenas is providing exciting things to do in Sterling Heights and mean everyone can have the opportunity to try their hand at the sort.

Comprising helpful axe throwing coaches in Sterling Heights to explain the rules and guide users on how to properly throw an axe, professional throwing ranges are poised to become the dominant trend in group activities.