Go Karts & Indoor Track

Kart 2 Kart provides true racing exitement in an indoor track, safe, clean and authentic racing environment. The best go karts in Michigan are in Macomb Michigan! Proper training, first class safety equipment, and a track designed for large groups all combine together to give our customers the best indoor racing experience available.

Eligible participants in our pro Go Karts compete against up to 9 other racers and our Club Speed timing system. Daily open practice and available organized events are all computer monitored to provide results for every lap of every event.

Our 1/5 mile track includes a long 200 foot straightaway and 6 varying corners to give the thrill of high speeds and g’forces. The track itself is a textured concrete to aid in the amount of available grip which can bring up to 1.5 g’s in the corners.

The Pro Karts are Stratos iS_13 Indoor Racing Karts based off a racing design chassis, equipped with 6.5 HP Honda Engines, slick racing tires, and hydraulic brakes. These karts have a 4130 chrome alloy frame and a solid straight rear axle that simulates the true racing experience and handling. These are not your average putt-putt karts, they are designed and geared for speeds up to 35mph.

The junior karts are Formula-K karts that allow drivers under the age of 16 to feel the excitement of racing. Junior drivers must be 54 inches or taller to drive, ages 5 and up can ride as a passenger in our 2 seat go kart with adult driver.

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